Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fruitful Day & Fruitful Finds

What a beautiful day.  It was a bit chilly when I woke up, but soon the day turned to nothing but sunshine & warmer weather. 

My daughter, Morgan & I try every year to drive over to South Bend, Indiana for the Washington Street Sales.  We live about 22 miles from South Bend & Notre Dame - the fighting Irish.  Washington Street is located in the historic district of South Bend & the street & surrounding ones are filled with old Victorian houses along with the Studebaker Mansion & the Oliver Mansion.  Studebaker made cars & the Oliver's created the Oliver Plow.  The Studebaker Mansion is now a restaurant, while the Oliver Mansion or Copshaholm is a house museum.  The Oliver family left the stone mansion with contents intact to the Historical Society & is one of my favorite places to visit.  All of the contents belonged to the Oliver family, so it is like a step back in time.  Back to the yard sales, which are usually in front of the houses.  Spaces can also be rented, so you never know what will be found.  The museum next to the Oliver House is usually set up selling items that have been donated & can not be used in exhibits.  Everything from glassware, holiday to historical items can be found.  Driving down Washington Street we were disappointed that there was very people set up, but did find a couple of sales & found out the sale was actually last week, but ended early due to rain.  No matter, we found a few things & saw some old friends.

We left Washington Street & headed over to the Century Center where the Junior League was having their annual thrift sale.  I've never been to this event, so it was something new to try & the huge room was transformed into a mini shopping haven. Tables were well marked indicating what items were for sale.  I tried to hit every table, but things were picked over, but did manage to find some red & gold ornaments to match the ones I found on Washington Street.  A couple of Christmas items, a pillow & a small clock.  Most of the items were marked $1.00!  Then we headed off for a quick breakfast, and on our way home stopped at a Goodwill.  It was 50% off day & let me tell you, I now know why I avoid going.  So many people in such small aisles do not make for happy shopping, but I found a Christmas wreath with an adorable snowman.  A Christmas pillow & runner filled out the cart & then it was home via country roads. The leaves have started to turn & it is going to be a good year for color.  Vibrant reds, yellows of various shades, dark purples & browns  make it hard to keep our eyes on the road. So much fall color to enjoy.  It is was a very good day & much needed. 

Maybe you have all seen those wreaths in Pottery Barn.  You know the ones with all the colorful glass balls or ornaments.  Well, my purchase of an extra wreath, the two boxes of balls along with a big box from one of the sales will be turned into one of those very expensive wreaths.  I made one last year & it turned out great.  A glue gun (being very careful as they get very hot), positioning  the balls, then glue. Very easy to have something that looks expensive but very thrifty. Wreath $1.00, glass ornaments $1.00 each box, big box of red ornaments $3.00.  $6.00 for something that will last for several years and much less expensive than the one pictured in the catalog.

The big round blue ball that you see in the picture is actually an old bowling ball that someone cut off the bottom.  These make great garden ornaments & I was happy to have gotten two this morning.  So, if you are out & about & find an old bowling ball, especially one with some good color, grab it & find a place in your garden. I think you will enjoy it. 

 I forgot to mention the wonderful old soap dish with lid.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it & may just decide to keep it. Three pieces that look like transferware in a soft turquoise green. 

I've had a busy day and now it is time for me to pick up some linen, grab my favorite needle & start cross-stitching.  Hope you all had a fruitful day, as I know we did.


  1. Great finds Barb. I love those shiny ball wreaths. You are so clever.

  2. Thanks. Glue gun at the ready. It really is very easy to put together.

  3. Hi Barb! Penny just let me know you have a blog. Good for you! I enjoyed this post...wish I could have been at the sale. Sounds like you did pretty well! Your wreath is going to be beautiful and I love the old clock.

    The weather here has been beautiful but the leaves are slow to change. We haven't been to the lake in awhile but will get there as we need to put all the summer things away.

    I hope you come for a visit to my little blog! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Jane - Thank you & to my SIL. She is so sweet in helping promote this endeavor. Still trying to figure out how to add things....goodness me. Still taking care of my son while he recovers from his automobile accident in May. He is progressing, but it is going to be a slow process. I never made it to the lake all summer & we were lucky if we got the lawned mowed at Diamond. Everything happens for a reason. I do check your blog faithfully. Love to see what you have been up to. Thanks again. (If I ever figure out how to add people will add your blogspot).