Saturday, February 2, 2013

February in Pure Michigan

So February arrived & of course with a flurry of snow.  Snow, snow & more snow.  Last week, we had the January thaw & temps in the 50's & the air was filled with the "promise of spring", but that was all it was - a promise.  I'm complaining & not complaining.  I'm complaining because I really don't like snow or cold, but not complaining as my son had to have surgery on his hip January 17th & thankfully the weather was bitter cold, but no snow.  A return visit to have his stitches removed brought us another day of clear roads & warmer temps, and for that I am grateful as the weather report was indicating a big old snow storm was headed our way & good old mother nature did not disappoint. 

The thing about Michigan is that the weather can change from good to bad & all in one day.  The pictures I'm including pretty much tell what it is like from morning to afternoon.  The one above was taken on the last day of January.  The black blob in the picture is our 13 year old Boston Terrier who really doesn't like winter, but stepped outside to take care of her business.

The above shot is from yesterday morning.  Although, beautiful to look at, it was bitterly cold.  Down the street, two kids were quickly shoveling out their driveway. 

Same day, but later in the afternoon.  Sun is out, blue skies above, but still very cold.  It always amazes me how quickly the weather can change.  So what do we Michiganders do on such cold days?  Basically, stay inside & try to keep warm.  I cruise the internet looking at favorite blogspots, check on Pinterest to see if there is anything new & there usually is, so I end up adding another board.  My favorite past time is stitching or reading.  I spent the day finishing up a small spot or motif sampler.  "Hearts & Rabbits" is what I've named it.
Stitched on 28 count linen, spot or motif samplers are basically just different motifs stitched randomly on the linen.   I like to stitch them as you can add different elements without following a set pattern. I think it turned out very nicely & especially love the rabbits.
And this is what it looks like today, just a few moments ago.  More snow, more cold.  How many more days until spring???  Can't come soon enough as we all have a bad case of cabin fever. Despite the husband dealing with a head cold & being just a tad bit cranky, he is busy in the kitchen cooking up a big pot of potato soup.  Something that will definitely hit the spot on this very cold February day & hopefully will make him feel better - God I hope so!