Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Gift is Small, Good Will is All

Since the big day is fast approaching, I will wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.  Since I am a cross-stitcher & sincerely enjoy stitching, I am always reminded of a small yet meaningful piece of work stitched with the words, "The gift is small, good will is all".  It is a constant reminder that not all gifts that we receive need to be big & wrapped in pretty paper & ribbon.  I enjoy the gift of a beautiful sunset, birds clamoring around my bird feeder, a pretty Christmas card from a friend or relative, the first snowflake, a favorite Christmas movie or song. Or it could be a rusty car horn stuck inside a favorite wood hanging piece!.  I'm not into "commercial" Christmas & each year I venture out in the hopes of finding "Christmas".  It usually comes in unexpected ways, but when it happens, I'm reminded of what the season is truly about & that it may include gifts big or small, but always good will.  Happy Holidays.